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9079 Restaurants 1.88
8393 Auto Body Shops 2.12
8389 Automotive Repair 3.05
2812 Cabinet Manufacturing 3.97
5146 Cabinet Installation 3.88
3632 Machine Shops 2.26
8017 Retail Stores 3.59
5 Nursuries 2.9
40 Vineyards 2.24
3372 Electroplating 5.49
8810 Clerical Office 0.39
8742 Outside Salespeople 0.46
4299 Printers 3.17
8813 Printers-Editing 0.71
42 Landscape Contractors 5.60
8015 Furniture Stores 5.27
9516 Radio/TV Installation 3.01
5201 Concrete Work 8.10
5191 Computer Device Installation 2.53
8827 Homekeepers 6.25
*Net rates above are based upon individually quoted, unique company data, and with a variety of work comp carriers. Your rate may vary, but rates above are a great indication of just how low our net rates may be.

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Property and Casualty insurance rates should remain flat for 2012, according to Willis Group Holdings' 2012 edition of "Marketplace Realities" report. Catostrophic property programs and employee benefits (health insurance) are exceptions though, and will see increases in the upcoming year. READ MORE >>

How about those New Year's resolutions?    Never to early to start on them, but have you thought about your company's resolutions?   I can tell you one thing, the State of California has some new and particularly NASTY resolutions in store for 2012 as regards employer duties with regards to compliance to 22 new laws. READ MORE >>

Rumblings of a potential rate change for the California work comp system have been making waves in the industry for months now, and the WCIRB (Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau) has now affirmed what the state's position on the rates should be.   These recommendations are just that:  recommendations. READ MORE >>

With the boom of social media and other avenues for self expression, companies today face ever-growing exposure to their loss of reputation and can suffer severe financial loss to their bottom line if they are unable to "put out fires" quickly enough to save their reputation due to a covered cause of loss. READ MORE >>

State Compensation Insurance Fund has announced that it will disburse $50 million in dividends to it's policy holders next year. It will come in the form of a credit of approximately 5.2% of the estimated premium for 2012. In order to qualify, policy holders must have kept their policy in good standing throughout the year and who renew their policy with State Fund. READ MORE >>

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a report recently concluding that the world's extreme weather is going to worsen as climate change progresses. I suppose this isn't really "news," but I do think it's worth a discussion when it comes to your business and employees. READ MORE >>

Okay, now this is no laughing matter.   Bed bugs and other "vermin" infestations are a real problem to property owners, especially hotels, apartment managers and other property owners.    There is a specific exclusion in all but a few property policies for "vermin" infestations, and the cost to mitigate this risk can be especially expensive. READ MORE >>

In a huge setback to BP, a US District court judge ruled to disallow use of nine different insurance policies to offset costs incurred by BP for last year's devastating oil spill.   Use of the policies was disallowed due to the nature of the relationship between the rig and well, and the ownership by BP and Transocean independently. READ MORE >>

Chubb Insurance Company has created a new interactive website that will offer risk management services to it's clients. It is called "Risk Conversation," and will feature a variety of blogs, articles, news and advice relevant to business insurance. READ MORE >>

California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones has called for a 38% pure premium rate increase effective January 1, 2012.   This is the first major rate increase recommendation in the past few years, and reflects what actuaries for the state would recommend based on data gathered. READ MORE >>

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